June in the Company’s Garden

Saturday 16 June 2012

I’ve been calling it ‘The Company Gardens’ for years but the area surrounding the National Art Gallery, Museum and Planetarium is actually called ‘The Company’s Garden’. Oops. Anyway, like many Capetonians, I’ve visited the gardens often over the years and have many a fond childhood memory of wandering around, chasing squirrels and feeding birds.

I spent a wonderful winter’s Saturday in the gardens soaking up some beauty and happiness before a shoot for Your LMG. That short stroll along the avenue was one of the loveliest I’ve had in a long time – it’s such a beautiful place, especially at this time of year :)

Ginkgo tree  Tree aloe  Ginkgo tree

The Avenue is one of the only places in Cape Town where you can truly see Autumn – everwhere else the evergreen trees just ignore the changing seasons but at the gardens, their deciduous counterparts burst into colour this time of year. The oaks leave piles of rusted leaves at their roots, patches of red and orange lurk around every corner and one of my favourites, the ginkgo trees, turn completely gold; it’s ridiculously beautiful.

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If you can’t remember the last time you’ve been or are just looking for a little escape, you really should go visit the garden, I know I’ll be going back soon…


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