Bikini Beach Books in Gordon’s Bay

29 July

The first and last time I visited Gordon’s Bay’s Bikini Beach Books – an old beachfront house overflowing with books – was around 2 years ago, so I figured a revisit was long overdue…

EDIT: I’ve been getting loads of random emails asking me about books…to clarify for anyone who’s uncertain: I’m not affiliated with this book shop in any way, I just like visiting it! Please stop mailing me about books you want me to send you…thanks!

Bikini Beach Books

I think most people would agree that the place is pretty amazing, especially if you like books; outside are boxes with old books priced at next to nothing and inside are stacks, piles, tables and shelves full of every kind of book imaginable (as well as some odd decorative things, like shells…).

Bikini Beach Books  shell

They’re sorta grouped by genre (like a room corner dedicated to travel) and language (everything from Russian to Welsh with many, many German titles) but for the most part, the general fiction is loosely alphabetised and spread out over each room of the house. This makes finding something specific pretty tricky but allows all kinds of weird and wonderful things to easily find you…

Bikini Beach Books  Bikini Beach Books  Bikini Beach Books

There are some new books, but most are second-hand, meaning some contain traces of their previous owners – Chris and I were mildly alarmed at the number of Dianetics books on display and then totally surprised to see the random one he picked up contained a creepy photo of what we can only assume to be a sleeping scientologist…

Random copy of Dianetics with a weird photo inside...

Also concerning was that ‘nocturne romance’ gets its own dedicated shelf (fittingly propped up by a mighty purple tower of Mills & Boon) but perhaps more worrying is that it contained just a few Twilight books and the rest were all shameless ripoffs.

Other cool things we did in Gordon’s Bay: eat fish and chips at the harbour, walk along the breakwater and take the scenic route home via the Strand.

– – –

It’s hard to find info on the store online*, but Bikini Beach Books are open 9am-9pm, buy books for cash or credit, have a resident ginger cat and are well worth a visit (at 41 Beach Road, Gordon’s Bay).

and one more time in case you skipped to the end:  I’m not affiliated with this book shop in any way, please don’t mail me asking about random books!

*They have actually told me they don’t like to make their details public because of people asking constantly whether they have a certain book…they don’t have a database they can search, the house is literally piled floor to ceiling with books and it’s pretty impossible for them to keep track of every obscure book! If you’re looking for something specific your best bet is to spend a day there, it’s worth it!


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7 Responses to Bikini Beach Books in Gordon’s Bay

  1. Glen says:

    I grew up on Bikini Beach…….wicked pics… I just cant wait for you to go solo… then I will see some good shit!

  2. Love your post. It’s been a while since I’ve been there myself. Making a plan for Thursday this week! Yay!

  3. I LOVE this bookshop – I only discovered it this year. I also love finding remnants of the books’ owners – I found an old high school poetry book with awesome annotations, and another book with a student’s airplane tickets around the world.
    I also found a brand new copy of Lauren Beukes’ Maverick – which is out of print.

  4. IGoodday ! I need your phone number please. thanks! Have a lovely day .

  5. Hallo ! I need your phone number please. Regards Louise

  6. Please contact me 079 7974 653

  7. Kathy Sullivan says:

    Please note that Bikini Beach books do not have a phone, a web page, or a credit card machine. It is impossible to get hold of them electronically. The number listed on google belongs to Fortunate Finds Books in Kenilworth.

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