Behind the scenes: Goodnight Wembley!’s ‘Time Machine’ music video shoot

Thursday 21 June 2012

It was a dark and very cold night, and out in a Primary school hall in Melkbos, Goodnight Wembley! were shooting their music video for debut single “Time Machine” – here are some photos from on the set…

Goodnight Wembley behind the scenes  Goodnight Wembley behind the scenes

The video was shot and directed by Loedi Van Renen and has the impressive (and ambitious) launch date of this Saturday, June 30. Unfortunately due to a family tragedy, the band’s drummer Jean Labuschagne was unable to be in the video, so the Vanfokkingtasties Snake stepped in for the shoot.

I enjoyed being on the set very much, it’s always interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes. Tecla described the experience better than me, have a read over here.

Goodnight Wembley behind the scenes– – –

There was a point when I thought I’d never get ‘Geeeet on the Tiiiiiiime Machiiiine’ out of my head, but even after a night of repetitions the song held up – the catchy track is now available for free download and is well worth a listen.

Goodnight Wembley!’s Facebook Page & event page for their music video launch

Edit: Check out the finished music video over here


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