About me

Hello, my name is Laura and I’m an animator, photographer and general visual artist based in Cape Town, South Africa, previously working as a digital designer at Punk at King James.

I love all things art and music-related, mythology, nature, cats, dreaming about snow – all that kinda stuff… I can’t imagine life without music and love it in all shapes and forms (except maybe musicals), so you’ll find photos from Cape Town gigs and festivals that I’ve been to up on this site (along with the occasional photos of my art, cats and flowers and girly stuff like that) and sometimes in print too; I was a regular photographic contributor to monthly Capetonian music magazine Your LMG (2011-2013) and my work has also been featured in Rolling Stone South AfricaOne Small Seed and All About Cats Magazine. Currently I freelance and cover music for Texx and the City.

That’s it I guess, hope you enjoy your time here, feel free to say hi/share your thoughts/tell me I was unfair about your band* or anything like that.

= = = = = = = = = =

*Just a quick disclaimer: I have a lot of respect for musicians, and any other artists who throw their souls at the mercy of the world but some of them just aren’t to my taste. Any opinions expressed here are my own and are just that – opinions. If I wasn’t overly impressed by a band or a video or whatever, that’s just how I felt – get out there, experience and decide for yourself. You can also check out the music I listen to, and, depending on how compatible our taste is, feel free to embrace or dismiss my musical opinions.

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