You asked me to take your picture…

…and I have no idea who you are, so if you find yourself or someone you know here, please let me/them know :)

Halloween at Mercury


Welcome to Hell at Carnival Court

Jax Panik at Tiger Tiger:

Tiger Tiger

Zula’s grand re-opening:

Zula, 8 July 2011

Van Coke Kartel, Stonecollar & Coal at Mercury

it was this guy's birthday, he told us some jokes earlier...(He didn’t actually ask me to take his photo, but he told us some jokes earlier and it was his birthday so I thought he might like a memento…)

Gazelle at the Assembly:

Gazelle at the Assembly Gazelle at the Assembly

Jax Panik at the Purple Turtle:

Jax Panik at the Purple Turtle Jax Panik at the Purple Turtle


Saintfearless at the Purple Turtle:

The Purple Turtle - April 2011

J-Day at the Assembly:

The Assembly - March 2011

Synergy Live 2010:

Synergy Live, November 2010





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