Converse Block Party at the Assembly

Thurs 15 December 2011

The middle of Harrington street was transformed into a mini festival last Thursday – packed with people and loads of artists (including 340ml, Shadowclub, Sibot, Felix Laband and Cold Turkey DJs among others), the Assembly promised and delivered another great night of entertainment.

Shadowclub   340ml

Event sponsor Converse SA gave away 850 free double tickets (super cool) which were snapped up pretty fast and should give some indication of the amount of people that showed up. The street was really nicely decorated; outside the Assembly, a huge Converse truck bursting with speakers and TV screens hosted the Cold Turkey DJs up top, as well as break-dancers and pyro-tricksters in the area in front.

New Holland had one of the early slots inside, I’m not their biggest fan so we left pretty quickly to watch Sedge Warbler outside. I liked watching them back in March and enjoyed their album so was keen to see them again – and once again, they were very cool.

I dunno why electro legend Felix Laband was up next, but I think it was a big mistake. The crowd were keen to continue bouncing after Sedge Warbler, and a lot of people were confused by the downtempo turn things took instead. I think it was a real pity he played so early, his music is definitely better enjoyed in the small hours of the morning…

Sibot’s set felt totally hyper in the wake of Felix’s. A chick I’d been eying backstage (because she looked like the 80s incarnate) joined the bizarrely attired Sibot onstage and provided some weird and highly entertaining visuals to accompany his set, including the occasional live footage from the GoPro cameras mounted on various equipment on stage. Loads of fun.

We braved the crowds and queues to get back inside and arrived in time for the end of Youngsta’s set. All I knew about them was that they recently opened for Lil’ Wayne, so they had street cred in bucket-loads. I didn’t expect to like them much so was pleasantly surprised; they were slick and pretty cool, and more melodic than I was expecting…

Up next was the real drawing card of the night for me, Shadowclub. Not that they’ve ever lacked confidence, but I thought their set was particularly strong, they really seemed to own the stage. Always great to be at one of their shows, they just get better and better.

Headlining the night was 340ml; I just knew 2 of their songs, Movimento and Fairy Tales, both of which are super cool (especially the latter) and really enjoyed their set. Great music and good vibes, very cool.

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340ml  |  Shadowclub  |  Youngsta  |  Sibot  |  Felix Laband  |  Sedge Warbler

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