CTEMF 2016: Day 2

Sat 6 February 2016

Day 2 of the Cape Town Electronic Music Festival turned up the energy with loads of energetic live performances from Dope Saint Jude, Driemanskap and Petite Noir (doing his first live performance in Africa backed by a full band). Of course there were many great electronic sets too from the likes of Sibot, Aero Manyelo, British headliner Goldie and many more.

Here are some shots from Saturday at the fest.

Petite Noir  Sibot


Driemanskap  Driemanskap

Mudblud  Mudblud

Crosby & friends

Crosby & friends  Crosby & friends

Crosby & friends  DJ Superfly

Aero Manyelo

Aero Manyelo  Aero Manyelo

Petite Noir

Petite Noir  Petite Noir

Petite Noir

Petite Noir  CTEMF 2016

DJ Lag

Dope Saint Jude & Angel-ho  Dope Saint Jude

Dope Saint Jude

Dope Saint Jude


Sibot  Sibot


CTEMF 2016  Sibot


Goldie  Goldie

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Shot for Texx and the City  – read the TATC review here

CTEMF  |  Goldie  |  Sibot  |  Dope Saint Jude  |  Crosby  |  Driemanskap  |  Aero Manyelo


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