Music Without Borders: Goodnight Wembley, The Mysticcs & Wild Eastern Arches at Mercury

4 May

While I feel the impact of a ‘supergroup’ is lessened a bit in our local scene as many musicians already play in multiple bands, it’s still exciting when a bunch of musical heavy-weights get together to form a new band. Last Friday was the inaugural event of Music Without Borders (who will host monthly shows highlighting new and up and coming acts) featuring the debut performance of new CT supergroup Goodnight Wembley as well as The Mysticcs and Wild Eastern Arches.

Wild Eastern Arches  The Mysticcs  Goodnight Wembley

It was my third time seeing Wild Eastern Arches (the most recent being their acoustic performance at &Union earlier that week) and they’re definitely growing on me. But while I enjoy their vibe I’m still waiting for something to really knock me off the fence…

Up next were The Mysticcs, who I was keen to see because I’ve heard good things and I didn’t get a proper chance to see them at Synergy last year. They were cool – some crazy guitar-playing and a classic rock kinda sound delivered with loads of energy, it made for a really entertaining performance. The only thing I missed were some harmonies instead of the straight backing vocals…

Composed of members of Taxi Violence, 7th Son, Dead Lucky & Yes Sir! Mister Machine (among others, as some of them play in multiple bands already) there’s no question that the guys on the stage were all qualified musicians, yet with all the hype surrounding Goodnight Wembley, I have to confess I was a little underwhelmed.

Musically their songs were solid but George van der Spuy’s voice and stage persona are so distinctively Taxi Violence that it’s hard to see him in another context, so to me it kinda felt like Taxi Violence with a bit of an (punk?) edge…their set was also pretty short as (we were informed) it was meant to be just a taster and not the band’s official launch; fair enough but also a little disappointing.

Still, I’m definitely curious to see what the future holds for them…

– – –

All in all an enjoyable night (mildly annoying DJ notwithstanding); I’m always on the hunt for new music so look forward to future Music Without Borders events.

Music Without Borders  |  Goodnight Wembley  |  The Mysticcs  |  Wild Eastern Arches

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One Response to Music Without Borders: Goodnight Wembley, The Mysticcs & Wild Eastern Arches at Mercury

  1. Rowan says:

    It’s kinda weird how George would sound like himself,like the guy that also sings for Taxi Violence.And be like himself…..weird that.The music is neither punk or anything like Taxi Violence either.See it for what it is people,a completely different band with a different sound,although it may be rock,which is loud drums,thrashing guitars and roaring vocals….

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