LMG party: PH Fat, The Nomadic Orchestra & 7ft Soundsystem at Mercury

25 May

With one of the more eclectic line-ups I’d seen in a while, Your LMG‘s party at Mercury last Friday had something for everyone – 7ft Soundsystem’s dubbiness, The Nomadic Orchestra’s infectious Balkaness and PH Fat’s electrorap dirtiness.

PH Fat  Nomadic Orchestra

7Ft Soundsystem’s laid-back grooves kicked things off and provided the soundtrack for exploring the El Jimador stand and posing for silly photos with their hilarious Mexican wrestler photo cutout thing…

I’d seen The Nomadic Orchestra just once before, and that was when they opened for Balkan Beat Box last year.  As I’d been hearing nothing but good things about them, I was looking forward to seeing them, and sorry to have missed their last performance at Mercury, which apparently included an hilarious Spinal Tap-esque moment when they asked for ‘more tuba in the monitors’. This request was repeated on Friday to appreciative giggles; seems it may well already be an in-joke of theirs…

The line-up had changed since the last time I’d seen them but it’s clearly for the better as they left a colossal impression – they were great, loads of fun and definitely a band I’m keen to see again.

PH Fat then kept the energy level high as they did their dance rap thing; entertaining as ever, it really was next to impossible to stay still while they were up on stage.

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